What sort of clothing should I bring on the tour?

While it varies how many sets you will want to bring depending on how long your tour is, we do recommend long sleeves and require long pants for the best protection in the jungle and caves.

  Why must | wear long pants and long sleeves on tour?

We require that you wear long pants and we recommend long sleeves in order to protect yourselves in many ways. You may encounter sharp rocks, thorny bushes, stinging plants, mosquitoes and more in the jungle; therefore, long pants and long sleeves provide added protection against these elements.

  Should l bring a swimsuit?

Please bring swimwear for Hang Voom, Gieng Vooc. We request that you do not wear your swimwear (especially bikinis) as you walk or lounge around camp, for the respect of our porter team.

  lf I wear contacts/glasses, which should | bring on my tour?

If you wear contacts or glasses, please plan on wearing whichever you are most comfortable in on the tour, and bring the other as backup. Glasses can fog up in the humidity of the jungle or cave so some people prefer contacts for this reason.