Last summer, in the central province of Quang Binh, Ozo Treetop Park was opened to visitors boosting ‘what to do’ list in the cave kingdom. Besides treetop adventure and water activities, the new tourist attraction also presents Conquering Ozo cave tour for those who want a mix of caving and outdoor challenges.

As a matter of fact, most of daily tours around the park allow tourists visit the caves partly then get back to the same entrance. However, explorers can be fulfilled with excitement and thrill when joining Conquering Ozo cave tour where they will go throughout its length roughly 2.5 km. Tourists will go through an emotional-rollercoaster from anxiety to excitement and eventually relief when they can make their way out of the cave.

From the starting point at Ozo Park, visitors will get equipped with caving gear before setting off the journey of conquering the cave. The walk to the cave takes about half an hour including a short section of jungle trekking and stream wading. On the way to the cave entrance, during summertime, visitors might encounter butterflies gather in groups for food and nourishment along the stream creating such a poetic scene. Before coming to the cave, visitors will pass a century-old tree where they can try different poses for unique pictures.

The cave has a concealed opening shrouded behind some boulders along with inviting see-through water. From the entrance, visitors will put on life-jackets before entering the cave.  The 20 meters long swim is enough to bring everyone joyful and thrilling moments when easing their bodies in such refreshing water. Once leaving the natural pool and climbing up a ladder, the journey to conquer the cave officially begins. Explorers move along the edge of a ravine-like passage before reaching parts where the cave floor is full of white sand making them feel like walking on the beach. When passing by some passages of the cave, people seemingly feel as they are wandering through an indoor aquarium with smooth sapphire-like rock surface.

Despite the fact of not boasting as many formations as in dry caves, Ozo has its fairly delicate stalactites and stalagmites as most of them are covered by glitter coat that by looking afar seems like material to make expensive bling. There are sections where people have to bend down to cross over cluster of cave straws from rather low points of the ceiling.

Bypassing more than half of the way, visitors will be able to hear murmur of underground stream. At this point, everyone can turn off headlights in a few minutes to experience darkness of the cave while listening to the sound of water flowing like a soothing melody whispering in their ears.

One of special features of Ozo cave can not fail to mention is the clear water coming from different subterranean outlets along the cave. The water would become more magical wearing a translucent emerald blue color when people used torches to shine on it.

After more than two hours of exploring, everyone will reach to the end of the cave where they climb up a ladder to make their way out of it. At the ending point of the cave, people can still see and hear the sound of underground stream flowing is a sign that the cave still in the process of growing and its real depth is still a mystery for spelunkers. On sunny days, the rays of sunbeam can penetrate into the exit of the cave creating a stunning view as well an ideal spot for ‘photoholics’.

After making their way our of the cave it’s time for a break before everyone keeps trekking 1.5km through a section of rocky terrain and jungle to get back to Ozo Park.

Finish the journey of conquering the cave, explorers will be served an exquisite lunch with a spread of local dishes like sticky rice, grilled chicken, grilled pork, fish ball, beef wrapped in betel leaf, etc. placing on banana leaf.

After lunch break, it’s time for action-packed challenges at Ozo park. The treetop games require players to be in great shape. Participants can choose a right level for themselves depends on their physical condition with different options like 800m long adventure course, 400m long adventure course or just 150m long zip-line. People can also go down Ozo stream for swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc. afterwards.

A day out full of fun and adventure at Ozo Treetop Park with memorable moments when conquering the cave, challenging with treetop games or immersing in the cool stream just sounds great, doesn't it?


If you are interested in this tour, hit this link for detailed information and booking:



Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, if you’ve never heard of this name, it’s home to the world’s largest cave Son Doong together with spectacular cave networks that located in the central province of Quang Binh, Vietnam.

On our first ever trip to Phong Nha, we were stunned by the amazing landscapes and friendliness of people in the area. It’s surprising to know the region has  just become an up-and-coming destination after the recent discovery and exploration of caves just 2 decades ago. From a sleepy town, Phong Nha at the moment is undergoing a great change along with the development of tourism.

Since we just had 2 days in the area, choosing from which tours or activities to do is a hard decision to make. Eventually, we decided to join a caving-trekking day tour on our first day and second day biking around Bong Lai valley. Out of many options offered by the host of our homestay, we picked the newly-launched tour called Hang Vom One Day Challenge with 14km jungle trekking.

Coming to the town at this time of the year, probably it’s not really the best time, luckily the weather on the day we did the tour was quite alright. We were the first ones got picked up by a friendly guide at the homestay then three more companions joined us afterwards. As I mentioned, Hang Vom was advertised like the newest one in town; therefore, only 5 of us being on the tour that day which was pretty nice. As a matter of fact, these kinds of caving tours in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park just run exclusively by certain licensed assigned companies. For that reason, just 5 of us, our tour guide and 3 other local porters and cook in the jungle on that day.

After picking up everyone, the van drove us around the park and we could see amazing nature with jungle-clad limestone mountains while our guide was telling us some background information of the national park and tour itinerary. The jungle in Phong Nha looked so dense from afar as it was coated by countless vines like a thick carpet of green moss.

The drive took around 45 minutes and we finally got to the trailhead where the journey began. The first 1 kilometer as the guide said, was quite challenging and tricky with rocky terrain that got us sweating a lot. Fortunately, after that challenging part, we were greeted with a nice and flat jungle-path. On the way, there were some look-out points where the guide stopped and took pictures for us. The short stream-crossing part where we literally walking through branches of a tree and boulders was our highlight of the trek though it was a bit scary to be honest. Our guide told us that during the dry season, the water would get much lower and people could walk across the stream easily.  

After roughly 2 hours of trekking, we eventually got to the so-called basecamp near by the caves where we later had a nice BBQ lunch prepared by our cook after seeing the dry cave. The lunch was pretty tasty, we had grilled pork and chicken that freshly brought by the porters together with tofu, breads, rice, some salad, veggies and some rice papers to make your freestyle spring-rolls. My husband really liked the home-made sauce called ‘cheo’ which was told by our guide a specialty of Phong Nha.

Of course, the caves were the main reason we decided to join the tour and what we expected to see the most after a long trek. We got to see the ‘dry cave’ first, for some ‘cave-virgin’ said by our funny guide, like us, it was fulfilling with unreal stalactites and stalagmites that seemingly created by aliens. After the lunch, we were told to get changed and put life-jackets on to go swimming in the ‘river cave’. In our opinion together with the approval of 3 others, this was the highlight of the tour.

The ‘river cave’ has a huge entrance and we got to climb down some ladders before entering the ‘freezing’ water. We knew the water inside caves is supposed to be cold but never thought it was that cold. Our guide encouraged us to get in and take a dip and it would get warmer as we swim further in, and he didn’t lie to us. As we swimming further in, our bodies started getting used to with the temperature  and we were just fine. While easing my body into the cold water, I gotta distract myself from what might be swimming underneath us since the cave depth is somewhat between 50-70 meters told by the guide. As we followed the guide further into Hang Vom’s interior, slowly left behind all sunlight, the darkness started covering the rest of the cave and we could hear sounds of bats and birds flying around along with the sound of water raving like a waterfall. We eventually got to the ending-point where the current was super strong and some rocks blocked our way. We were told to turn off our headlights and all we were left with was darkness and the sound of water splashing kept continuing that gave me an adrenalin rush. After a few minutes, we lay on our back and let the current float us back out. Oh, and it’s a such a mistake to not mention the breathtaking view you could see when looking back to the entrance while swimming that I believed no cameras could do it justice.

After the exhilarating swim inside the river cave, we packed our belongings and made our way back. Our least favourite part of this tour was probably the route on the way back was pretty much the same with 7km jungle trekking when were a bit out of energy because of the earlier swim. With some rests on the way, everyone was fine and we all made it back safe and sound. We were greeted with a cold beer/soft drink by the road before coming back to our accommodation in Phong Nha.

Like I said, there were many tour options for travelers like us in Phong Nha and we believed each tour has its own features and beauty, and with the experience we got from Hang Vom One Day Challenge, we can totally recommend this one. Phong Nha was probably the highlight of our entire trip in Vietnam and we would definitely come back there again to explore it thoroughly.



Lots of folks are surprised when coming to Phong Nha since the town is not only noticed for its booming tourism but other impressions of the land lies along peaceful Son River.

Turning left from Ho Chi Minh East at Xuan Son junction on the way from Dong Hoi, stunning Phong Nha town slowly unveils itself behind overlapping peaks of karst mountains.

Phong Nha town (photo: Internet)

Modernity has come to the town with cutting edge accommodation, restaurants alongside colorful lights on the main street at nights, but what makes it unique and charming are spectacular nature creations of the world; or simply small paths full of paddy rice fields along, herds of cows and buffalos and the sound of red scarves’ coming home from schools.

Photo: Chescaislost

Right from that town, every weekends, church bells ring a special sound the “Phong Nha Ding Dong’.

Interesting fact: the majority of Phong Nha residents (which is more than 80%) are Catholics. Every Saturday and Sunday, everyone goes to the church. Thursday’s afternoon is time going to church for youngsters. The Shabbat is a day blessed by God and set aside for rest and worship.

Ha Loi, Xuan Tien and Gia Hung are some main church in the surrounding of Phong Nha with typical architecture and where to hold prayer and confession for the townsfolk.

Ha Loi Church - Photo: Internet

Gia Hung Church - Photo: Thao Dang

Today, most of people in the town are working in tourism and faithfully believing in God. They pray before every meal for peace and happiness. While wandering or biking around meandering roads, tourists might all of a sudden hear the sound from church bell ringing intertwining with the sound of nature right in the heart of Phong Nha.

Phong Nha at this time of the year, when summer has passed for a few months, gets back to its natural state with restful, unbusy atmosphere, together with misty and chilly climate. Lies on the other side of the river, Na village for that reason has less boats following one another. However, the church bell is likewise ding-donging every weekends and sometimes during weekdays. In December, when Christmas and new year is around the corner, people often decorate caves made of straws and palm leaves at church or in their own house to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Photo: Chescaislost

Phong Nha, other than world-famous caves, has lots of distinctive characteristics in its culture. If you are planning to come to this wonderful land, be sure to stay long enough and experience the area thoroughly.



Ozo Treetop Park is situated in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province – Central Vietnam. This is the first park in the area with a complex of various adventurous activities both on treetop and water.

+ Location: Ozo Treetop Park is situated on Highway 20 Victory and bordered by Tra Ang river to the East and South. The place is 12km far from center of Phong Nha and 26km far from Ho Chi Minh West.

[Far from Dark cave/Mooc Spring 10km, far from Paradise cave 7km]

Ozo Treetop Park is approximately 5 hectares. It is the first park situated inside primary forest and has the longest complex of treetop adventure activities in Vietnam. The park has a rich biological diversity of flora and fauna, characterized by the limestone-based ecosystems.

What to do at Ozo Treetop Park:

- Visit 1 km wooden walkway around Ozo stream to behold serene sight with many different types of plants and take beautiful pictures.

- Challenge yourself with treetop zipline and 16 high rope & obstacle courses (average height from 5-7m)

- Enjoy kayak rides and experience SUPing on Ozo stream

The park is designated into 5 main areas: treetop adventure for adults, treetop adventure for kids, water-sports on Ozo stream, camping zone and restaurants.

+ Come to Ozo Treetop Park, tourists can experience treetop high rope & obstacle course, treetop zipline and water sports on Ozo stream together with local specialty served at Ozo restaurants. The park is a suitable place for all walks of life from adventurous ones to families. 

Adventure games list:

– Monkey Bridge

– Hanging step

– Hanging log

– Rafting

– SUPing

– Tarzan

– Flying fox

– Flying Skateboard

– Flying Carpet

– Hanging Loop

– Ring Swing

– Aerial walk

– Sky Bridge

– Sky Step

– Spider Web Challenge

– Vine Walk

– Tarzan Web Swing 



1. Ozo Experience

Ticket price

  • • Adult: 200.000vnđ/pax
  • • Kids( 1m-1.4m in height): 100.000vnđ/pax
  • • Kids below 1m are free to enter   

Price includes:

  • Visit 1 km wooden walkway around Ozo stream to behold serene sight with many different types of plants and take beautiful pictures.
  • Challenge yourself with treetop zipline and 16 high rope & obstacle courses (average height from 5-7m)
  • Enjoy kayak rides and experience Suping on Ozo stream
  • Experience biking around Ozo grass hill

2. Ozo Kayaking

Ticket price 

  • 750.000vnd/pax (kids must be over 1.4m high to join)

Price includes:

  • Ozo Experience
  • Kayak 999m of Ozo streams, returning by mini bus of Ozo Park.
  • Lunch
  • Equipment: Water shoes/jelly shoes, waterproof bags, helmets
  • Assistant staff

3. Ozo Wading

Ticket price

  • 450.000 vnd/pax (kids must be over 1.4m high to join)

Price includes:

  • Ozo Experience
  • Wading 999m of Ozo streams, returning by mini bus of Ozo Park.
  • Lunch
  • Equipment: Water shoes/jelly shoes, waterproof bags, helmets
  • Assistant staff

4. Conquering Ozo Cave

Ticket price

  • 1.100.000vnd/pax

Price includes:

  •  Ozo Experience
  •  English speaking tour guide
  •  Lunch
  •  Life jacket
  •  Helmet
  •  Gloves
  •  Use of waterproof bag
  •  Porter team
  •  First Aid Kit
  •  All tickets and entrance fees
  •  Insurance
  •  Basic trekking shoes (available upon request)

Price includes:

  • Pick up - drop off
  • Personal expense

What to bring:

  • A pair of calf-length socks
  • 1 long pant
  • 1 long sleeve t-shirt
  • Towel, swimming wear, sun cream, insect repellent, waterproof camera or waterproof case for phone

What to expect:

  • Swimming, walking, wading throughout the cave (2.5km)
  • Stream wading outside the cave
  • Trekking
  • 16 treetop high-rope and obstacle course & zipline
  • Kayaking, SUPing, swimming at Ozo stream
  • Experience biking around Ozo grass hill

Tour Intinerary:

9:00 AM: Meet up and brief at Ozo Treetop Park

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM: Start trekking along So Dua stream to reach to Ozo cave

10:00 AM -10:15 AM: Prepare gear for caving

10:15 AM -12:15 AM: Conquering Ozo cave

12:15 AM -12:45 AM: Trekking back to the park from the exit of the cave

12:45 AM -1:15 PM: Lunch time

1:15 PM - 4:00 PM: Visit the park and take on action-packed challenges

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Finish tour


Ozo Restaurants are located on the other side of Ozo Park with 2 sections: Upper Ozo and Lower Ozo. The stilt house complex is next to Ozo Stream. Ozo restaurants offer guests local specialty to regain energy after exhausted but fun journeys at Ozo Park. The restaurants serve local food

+ Menu:

– Grilled Chicken

– Grilled Pork

– Steamed shrimps

– Deep fried fish

– Grilled Beef in betel leaf

– Fried fish balls

– Salad

– Sticky Rice

– Onigiri


Address: Son Trach commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province



Hotline: 0365967788

Managed by Phong Nha Heritage



Maybe you have a habit of going jogging every morning or every evening to relax and doing exercise but have you ever chosen a “trekking” trip? More than any other type, “trekking” is the way to feel the world around the most honest. For me, this is the first experience in my life.I had a wonderful trip to Vom Cave for a day.One of the most prominent caves with the system of stalactite and large rocks.What turned out to be the most attractive part of my trip was to experience the walking challenge for hours to reach the cave. For some people, walking sometimes makes them feel hesitant but I’m not. As you know, when people face challenges, both mental and physical, how interesting it will be.

The important thing you need to prepare for this trip is “a good health” to conquer the journey with many challenges. Moreover, a climbing shoes and a backpack are also indispensable. As for the costume, you just need to dress comfortably to facilitate the move. In addition, you also need to bring a swimsuit for the trip to the river cave in the afternoon.

At nearly 9 am, the bus brought the tour team to the place, the tour guide disseminated the information about the trip, then everyone was equipped with gloves and helmets to ensure safety. At the same time, all drinking water was also prepared by the company so everyone will bring it in their backpack. Everything was done, I went with the tour team to start moving. First of all, we crossed the cliffs, both big and small, up and down the slope. At first, you may feel tired because you have not been active for a long time, but then the road  is not too steep so it makes you feel more relaxed. I’m sure that you will get used to how to walk like this right now. The space here is very quiet with beautiful mountain scenery under the deep blue sky.Everything is so peaceful. Walking for hours like that sometimes you can enjoy melodious music from the birds in the forest. Everyone lingered to watch but no one could see it in this dense forest. Fortunately, the path here is sometimes flat, sometimes it is a bit difficult to climb the slopes with many large rocks. That’s why I can walk and rest, just like when you face challenges, the next thing will be easier like walking this way. Although the big stones are far apart, it is equipped with long boards across which are quite certain.

More specifically, one of the best things about “trekking” is meeting new friends. I just went and talked with many different guests, they came from many countries so I can also improve my English.In addition, the tour guide is very enthusiastic and funny. A few jokes throughout the journey will help you feel interesting and forget about fatigue. The walking journey is quite long so it cannot be without the difficulties you have to go through.The walking journey is quite long so it cannot be without the difficulties you have to go through. Going together on that challenging road, people are closer to each other. During the whole journey, the tour guide and the porter helped people to cross the cliffs quite high and slippery.

Go all the steep slopes, cliffs and across the Ha Giang valley everyone has reached the rest, water and snacks were prepared by the porters. Resting for a while, the tour guide and the porter continued to take everyone on foot along the stream to reach the dry cave. After a rather difficult process, everyone went to the entrance to Vom cave. That feeling is so great when you have just conquered something that is new by your efforts and with your feet. There is nothing more to express emotions at that time, only to say “perfect”. I felt like I had just gone for a while to get to the place but actually took a few hours to walk, experiencing quite a lot of hardships and challenges. Everyone smiles on their lips and feel satisfied when they reach their destination. You know, spending many hours walking with a backpack makes your back and shoulders tired, and your calves shrink. But that is not bad at all, deciding to continue adding little by little will help us be stronger through every step. It can be said: “trekking” is a test lesson about our tolerance and patience. When you overcome that threshold, you will forget all the hardships you have experienced.

Not stopping there, everyone continue to enter the cave to discover a magical beauty deep in dry cave. The multicolored jelly system is like diamonds that are sparkling in the dark. Of course, people also have some difficulties in walking with the rocks here steep and slippery. According to the instructions, everyone follows the road with a rope to cross the big stones. It’s like you’re climbing and skating with your shoes. Journey through more than 3km walk,  finally the journey to the dry cave ended. Everyone returned to the resting place to have lunch and prepare for the journey to explore the river cave in the afternoon. My trip ended so meaningfully. I have learned a lot of interesting things in this trip, but perhaps in my daily life I have not had the opportunity to learn those things.

I am very grateful to Phong Nha Heritage, thanks to my companions, especially the tour guide and the porter team for giving me a memorable experience like this. How about you? When life is too crowded and tired and makes you breathe, stop fighting it. Going to a place far away, so quiet, search for yourself the silence, the moments of experience to listen to the soul. Do not miss anything. Let’s bring the backpack up and go to Vom cave!

Luyen Vo

Let female tour guides in Phong Nha tell their own true stories!


In fact, there are numerous women doing tour guide, but not many female tour guides on the roads Phong Nha – Ke Bang due to its challenge and the Phong Nha – Ke Bang female tour guides, they are definitely brave. The journeys have no place for weakness, it is only for those who are truly agile, optimistic and especially courageous.

They all have different backgrounds, different living conditions and surely everyone is not the same. Nevertheless, they have a thing in common, that is the love for Phong Nha and the pride of the career they are pursuing. What could be better than everyday on the heritage path which the whole world knows, they are the ones who lead foreign travellers exploring alluring things, and travellers are indispensable characters who help them writing their own unique stories. Tour guides are the most approachable diplomats, ambassadors, analysts, no doub about that!

Have you ever met them? How do you think about them? I have to say they are the women who are good at foreign languages, talkative, agile and passionate, they are so down-to-earth and absolutely brilliant, you might love them very much. On this special occasion, let Phong Nha – Ke Bang female guides take us to into their confidence!

Ms H` Anetta Buôn Yă – an adventure tour guide of Son Doong cave, Tu Lan cave, she is as known as Tata Ya. Ms Tata is rare femal guide who has outstanding qualifications and health, Tata brings a source of inspiration for young people who love to do adventure guide.

“When I was in school, I always dreamed of becoming a tour guide or a lawyer. When I won a place at university, I chose to study English major at Hue University of Foreign Languages even though I also passed the exam for HCMC University of Law because I thought that English would help me become a tour guide. After graduating university, I came back home to work as an English teacher for more than one semester and then I quit because it was really hard to get in a public school. My family forced me to study at postgraduate school, so I returned to Hue to study for 3 years. While studying, I tried to do freelance work and felt excited, however, I did not have much passion for some kind of temples. In the final year of Master’s degree, I just had to make dissertation and no need to be on class, I decided to find a stable job. Luckily, my friend mentioned me on a recruitment post of Oxalis on Facebook, I applied immidiately. It has been 4 – 5 years already working as an adventure guide.

My motivation is “passion” and single (she laughed out loud). Passion decides everything. I was lucky because I found myself a favourite job and not everyone is lucky enough to have their favourite jobs. Doing thing you like will make you optimistic and your work will not only be a money-making tool but also a happiness. Especially for women who do this kind of job, climb over mountain, swim every stream, get into the cave, if there is no passion, they will not endure for a long time.”


Ms Thuy Tran, her full name is Tran Ngoc Thuy as known as Kate Tour to the caves guide. She is quite small but she is a tour guide who always bring enthusiasm and energy.

“I have a chance with this career by chance, due to the demand of expanding the business of my company, so I decided to try out a new and dynamic field. Up to now, I already have had more than 2 years doing a tour guide. During working this job, my most memorable memory was the first day doing a tour guide, it was also my birthday. The embarrassment of the first day guiding the travellers to Phong Nha is indeed a memory that I adore, it has been the most surprising and interesting gift I have ever had. There is nothing meaningful than meeting and introducing to visitors about our homeland. Everyday I got a chance to meet guests from different countries all over the world, I can learn more about the new cultures. Moreover, being a tour guide has no pressure, I can also do sport daily. I am absolutely happy with this job.”

Pretty, adorable, and full of energy, Ms To Nga is a tour guide of Jungle Boss team, the one is loved by many travellers. On the road crossing the forest, the streams, Nga always shows with everybody that women can do everything, it is just that they like to show off or not.

“Nga was introduced to the company by my friend, so I sent my CV to apply this job. It has been 2 years doing this job up to now. Honestly, the period of doing an adventure tour guide I had a lot of memorable memories, especially 2 days 1 night tour in the forest. Somehow I forgot to bring my clean clothes to change, luckily a super handsome guy helped me out, he gave me his shirt and he had to wear dirty clothes. That memory is unforgettable and also funny to me. Someone asked me how long will I keep doing this job, I said I don’t know but now, I still want to pursuing my career because there are plenty of unexplored caves, numerous new roads I have not passed yet and many things I have not touched yet as well so I have to keep moving forward, then finish it all. To be honest, although the road is short but if you don’t go, you’ll never come. The work is not much but you don’t do, it’ll never be done.”



For the tour guide job, you have to go and away from home everyday, a lot of women have to switch job to support their families. However, Ms Tuyen is totally different, she is the mother of two children but she still continues to chase her passion for doing tour guide of Phong Nha Discovery Tours. She told us, every morning before she leaves home to work, she will wake up early and prepare breakfast and clothes for her kids, then she starts her journey. Her day will be extremely busy and worrying than the other female guides, but one thing people keep on talking about her is why Thanh Tuyen always smile brightly?

“People say “career chooses people not people choose career” (that means you are destined to do a approriate job that fits you the most) – that’s right for me. I came to this job as an opportunity. My college friend found recruitment information for many positions. I just asked her for doing me a favor is that applying my CV and she chose for me a position herself. In the beginning, I was a tour guide at Paradise Cave, on September 2010, when the cave was just opened as a sightseeing service for visitors. Memories are a lot but the most special is the great meetings that until now I still keep in touch with my friends and guests.

Recently, some Hanoi people who I used to guide sending gifts to me, it is truly the precious love that the job brings to me. And the postcards sent to tour guides the next day, they are respectable. There was a time when a guest forgot her belongings in Tien Son cave, I just got down the cave and then I got to get back to the cave again. The journeys might be very exhausting but I love it and I have passion for it. Now I already have two kids, fortunately my family also supports and encourages me, thus I can continue working as a tour guide. Difficulties are countless, the way we face them that does matter. I believe every effort will become great achievement if we do it with our beliefs and hearts”.


On the road to Phong Nha-Ke Bang, maybe you will meet these faces or many other female guides, do not be afraid to give them a smile and respectful eyes because they are talking with the whole world on behalf of us, our Vietnam is beautiful, does anyone invite the world to come to our homeland as well as them?! Full of difficulties but they did and has been continuing to do it! Thank you and wish you a wonderful International Women’s Day!

Happy lunch in Hang Vom Tour


I had an interesting trip. After we walked for about 3 hours, a snack was prepared. After a very exhausting trip we need to add more energy to prepare for the next journey. The food was carried by transporters on their backs to walk from Ho Chi Minh Road to the dining area. Although only in a bag but contains all the tools and food for the meal. On the dining table, each person has a separate meal including: banana, rice cake and milk …While eating, the tour guide will tell us the next plan to go from the feeding tent to the dry cave. At that time, the cooks will prepare charcoal for lunch, food has been prepared. After a snack, we rested for about 10 minutes and we continued to visit the cave. Inside the cave the extremely beautiful beauty, stalactites in the cave with beautiful shapes extending from the entrance of the cave deep inside. From the start to the end of the cave, we lost about one hour and a half. When we returned, the cooks finished cooking lunch for us.


Everyone washed their hands because we were going to enjoy a rustic meal, using our hands to eat. Guides help us know how to eat properly. Our lunch includes: bread, spring roll, grilled tofu, grilled pork , grilled chicken thigh, rice or sticky rice. Besides, it also includes some vegetables and dipping sauces such as cucumbers, peanuts and salt “Cheo”. Referring to the salt “Cheo”, most people are impressed by it. “Cheo” salt is used with delicious roast meat. Everyone is guided by the tour guide to roll the rice paper with a little meat, tofu, vegetables, peanuts and salt “Cheo”. I can only use one word to describe it “AWESOME”. It is extremely unique. I am really lucky to have a rustic but local meal that I rarely enjoy when I am in the city.


Nguyet Tran